Seedlings (a.k.a. students)

Lina Aragón – PhD Candidate
(2020 – present)

Lina works on the relationship between functional traits, productivity and resilience in temperate trees. She is based at the University of Waterloo and co-supervised by Christian Messier at Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO).

Émilie Seyer-Lamontagne – MSc Candidate
(2019 – present)

Émilie studies functional trait variation in ectomycorrhizae. She is based at the Université de Montréal with Pierre-Luc Chagnon.


Christina Rossi – BSc volunteer & Honors thesis
(2019 – present)

Christina is testing the best methods for measuring tree growth from rings in eccentric tree cross-sections.


Natalie Vuong – BSc volunteer & Honors thesis
(2019 – present)

Natalie is in charge of setting up our plant growth system. She will examine epigenetic effects on leaf economic spectrum traits in Arabidopsis thaliana and, in her spare time, the effects of Humulus lupulus on her home brew beer (if you’d like some, come say hello!). She enjoys evolutionary biology, climbing, and chicken nuggets.

Feb 13th 2020. Christina, Natalie, Julie and Lina thoroughly enjoying our first lab meeting 🙂

Mutualists (a.k.a. collaborators)


Dr. Mark Vellend, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
Dr. Cyrille Violle, CNRS, France
Dr. Brian J. Enquist, University of Arizona, USA
Dr. Martin J. Lechowicz, McGill University, Canada
Dr. Brian J. McGill, University of Maine, USA


Dr. Sam Wuest, Agroscope Switzerland

Dr. Bob Muscarella, Upsalla University, Sweden
Dr. François Vasseur, CEFE CNRS, France
Dr. Adrien Taudière, CEFE CNRS, France
Dr. Andrew Siefert, UC Davis, USA
Dr. Cécille Albert, CNRS, France
Dr. Daniel D. Kneeshaw, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Dr. Daniel Laughlin, University of Wyoming, USA
Dr. Jens Kattge, Max-Planck-Institute, TRY database, Germany
Dr. Kechang Niu, Nanjing University, China


Dr. Louise Comas, USDA – my root traits resource
Dr. John Sperry – my plant hydraulics resource
Dr. Melvin Tyree – my plant physiology resource
Dr. David Killick – my microscopy resource


Field Assistants:
Florencia Cappiello (2018), Nikola Tutic (2016), Anke Roth (2014), Émilie Lavoie (2012), Natasha Salter (2012), Andréanne Ferland (2011), Carol Mordy (2011), Ricardo Cossio (2008)

Lab Assistants:
Christina Rossi (2019), Natalie Vuong (2019), Mariette Laumond (2018), Gabriel Bergeron (2017), Sarah Gaignard (2016), Sierra Kaszubinski (2014), Sanga Shir (2014), Surbhi Patel (2013), Margretta Murphy  (2012-2013), John Lacson (2012-2013), Kevin Wang (2012-2013), Sarah Schwenck (2011-2012), Anjeanette McKay (2012), Casey Knoks (2012),  Meghan Iacuelli (2011-2012), Shahrzad Badie (2012), Irene Liang (2011), Jordyn Celaya (2011), Mélisanne Loiselle-Gascon (2008)

All of you make my research possible. Thanks for inspiring and motivating me.