I am a plant functional ecologist interested in the causes and consequences of trait variation and integration across biological scales (from within individuals to among communities). My research uses empirical data to uncover general principles governing patterns of phenotypic diversity.



I am broadly interested in questions at the intersection of the topics of plant physiology, scaling, ecology and evolution. One of my pet interests is to tests implicit and explicit assumptions of the trait-based approach. My research has led me to conclude that considering individual variation, phenotypic complexity and the scale dependence of patterns and processes is key to moving trait-based ecology forward.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sherbrooke with Dr Mark Vellend and at the CEFE (CNRS) with Dr Cyrille Violle, where I examine how functional diversity has changed in response to global change in temperate forests, and whether traits can predict species response to warming.

I completed my PhD at the University of Arizona with Drs Brian Enquist, Brian McGill and Martin Lechowicz, where I explored the limits of a trait-based approach to ecology, specifically with respect phenotypic complexity and scaling.

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I am French-Canadian and grew up in the Québec province of Canada. In 2006 I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the Université du Québec à Montréal in a problem-based learning program. During those years, I was introduced to Ecological research by working in the lab of Prof. Daniel Kneeshaw, where I had the opportunity to conduct and publish a study on gap dynamics.

In 2009, I graduated my Masters in Biology at McGill University in Montreal with Drs Brian McGill and Martin Lechowicz. For my Master’s dissertation, I studied how leaf functional trait vary across biological scales in the tropical rainforests of Panama. In December 2015 I completed my doctoral work in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department of the University of Arizona in Tucson studying functional trait variation and co-variation in temperate trees within and among species.